Dying, death and funerals

Death is a definite end. Often when death is approaching we can prepare for it, but sometimes people die suddenly. For relatives and friends it is always painful to say goodbye. In these difficult times people find comfort in the compassion of others and the assurance that death is not the end. The hope appears on Easter, when the Lord transforms death into new life. This expectation is reflected in the prayers and in the worship of believers.

Pastoral care for the dying

It is desirable that all Catholics receive the sacraments before death. The Anointing of the sick and dying is of extreme importance in the Catholic faith. The priest administers it by anointing the forehead and hands of the sick person. The anointing brings spiritual and even physical strength during an illness, especially near the time of death.

If death is near or imminent do not delay to contact your local parish priest or any catholic priest.

Preparations for the funeral

For more information, contact your local parish priest.