Marriage is also one of the seven sacraments. It is a symbol of the love that God has for mankind. In the couple´s love for one another, God´s love for mankind becomes visible. In the sacrament of marriage God gives the spouses his protection, blessing and support for them to live the common life.

But since marriage involves not only the couple´s love for each other but also the love of God for them, they (if at least one of them is Catholic) are joined in marriage publicly in the presence of a priest and two witnesses.

4 pillars of marriage


Marriage is a lifelong covenant. Jesus says "what God has joined together, let not man put asunder" (Mk 10.9).


When a man and a woman give themselves to each other freely, "they are no longer two but one flesh" (Mt 19.6).


Marriage is based on the cooperation of the couple on the basis of equal and mutual support and respect, both in joy and sorrow.


In marriage, the willingness to have children must exist. Furthermore, one primary responsibility of parents is to raise their children in the Christian faith.

But there is no guarantee of a successful marriage. People may misjudge each other. Love can fade, and those who loved each other do not understand each other anymore. Marriages can breakdown. Christians must trust that God's love does not leave them when they find themselves in this situation and they will also not be excluded from the church of Jesus Christ.

Preparations for marriage

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